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Prayer & Care

Our heart as a community is that we want to best serve you. Together, we want to pray and care for you. 


Do you have a prayer request?
Send us an email with your request and someone will pray for you specifically.


Do you have a care need?
If you've had a loved one pass away, need counseling, having marriage troubles, or maybe you're about to get married, be sure to email us to see how we can help you in your time of need.

Are you struggling with hurtful emotions and sinful habits, that are affecting your relationships with God and others? Change is possible when you encounter The Lord of the Breakthrough in a prayer session.  The ultimate goal of every BPM session is genuine transformation, which is the outcome of a refined faith and the renewing of the mind.

Genesis Change Process

The Genesis Change Process is one of the most powerful and effective tools in helping people in our community understand what is at the root of their inability to change. The curriculum gives biblical and practical tools to move beyond their pains and addictions to discover what true freedom in Christ can look like.

Be sure to fill out the Breakthrough Packet before your prayer session.

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