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LifePoint Institute

LifePoint Institute (LPI) is a two-year intensive program designed to develop and deploy ministry leaders to plant, replant, and revitalize churches in the Greater Houston Area.

Program Overview

Online Application

Spring Semester - Register by December 20th 

The program overview will be a tool used to guide you through the first semester in the institute. It includes all of the information necessary for successful completion of the program. Assignments, schedules and syllabi are included in the academic overview.

Completing the application is the first step in the process of determining whether you might be a good fit for LPI at this time. After completion, you'll receive confirmation of your submission and an Interview will be scheduled by the program director.

Fall Semester - Register by August 1st 

LPI Courses

Foundations for Christian Ministry

Biblical Metanarrative

Interpreting the Bible

Principles of Disciple-Making

Spiritual Formation

Old Testament I: Exodus

New Testament I: The Gospel According to John

Evangelism and Apologetics

Preaching and Teaching

Old Testament II: Minor Prophets

New Testament II: I Corinthians

Crisis Care and Counseling


Principles of Leadership


Marriage and Family Dynamics

Life and Faith in the Early Church

The 4 Terms

LifePoint Institute (LPI) challenges adults of all ages to be discipled in multiple different skills, courses, and projects. In two years, students learn from Dr. Stephen Kimpel and other professionals in categories such as pastoring, leadership, counseling, and more. Check out the four terms offered.  

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