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New Campus Launching 2024

We are excited for what God is doing in the western communities of League City and we would love to have you join.


    When we began dating in high school, we could have never planned for or dreamed of the incredible journey God had planned. Now, with more than a decade of life together, we remain more convinced than ever that God is at work and calling us into a new season.

    After serving in pastoral ministry in South Florida for several years, we responded to a call from God to uproot our lives and move to the Greater Houston Area in 2019 to help lead a revitalization effort at LifePoint Church. Since our move, we have consistently seen God grow and deepen His church as people encountered Jesus.

    In the fall of 2021, we began to sense that God was stirring us to plant a new church in our area. As the calling continued to deepen, we began to link arms with others in prayer for discernment, courage, and favor. What began as a dream, is becoming a reality. It has been a profound joy to experience God shaping us for the next season of gospel ministry.

    By the grace of God and the support of others, we are committed to planting a church in a pocket of new development in the western communities of League City as a campus of LifePoint. Aspects of the future are uncertain, but the calling is clear. The time is now and you can play a part in seeing God move through LifePoint Church West.


Dr. Stephen & Shelby Kimpel

Why plant in
West League City?



More people living in League City in 2020 vs 2010.

Projected population for League City in 2035.
Current population is 117,434.


Seven new residential communities are being built in western

League City,

each exceeding

800 single-family homes.


Designated as one of the 100 ‘Best Small Cities in America,’ families and young professionals are building lives in League City.


The future expansion of Houston’s Grand Parkway will continue the rapid expansion and commercial growth in close proximity to LifePoint Church West.


We desire to plant an intentionally collaborative and missional church that will fill a current gap in the local church’s care in order to serve our community well.

See the Need?

We want to be a church in a neighborhood and we want to be a church for that neighborhood!
his interactive map features the seven new zones of development, and the layout of the Grand Parkway.

Church Plant Timeline

APRIl 2023

Stephen and Shelby Kimpel assessment and approval by SEND Network as Church Planters.


Launch team members continue gathering, training, and engaging the community through hospitality.


Launch community continues training, begins LifeGroup gatherings, and starts preview services.


Planning, preparation, and prayer as initial location options are explored and recruiting begins.

January 2024

LifePoint West Public Launch

LP Logo .png

Public announcement of LifePoint West in the sending church and with other partners.

Launch team members begin to gather and pray.

* Dates have been prayerfully considered, but are subject to change.

Next Steps



We have a goal of establishing 500 prayer partners before we launch this new church. We would love for you and your family to join us in prayer for LifePoint Church West.


Prayerfully consider helping us reach our goal of $455,000 for three years of ministry. Your support can be in any amount or for any duration. We prefer 3-year pledge commitments, but are also seeking one-time gifts. A more detailed financial document can be made available upon request.




Prayerfully consider joining our launch community. We are asking God to provide us with a large group of committed people to gather on Sunday’s, to engage throughout the week on mission, and to connect in LifeGroup communities.



We appreciate you taking the time to read our prospectus. For more information or to get connected, please don’t hesitate to email Stephen at We’d love to see you on a Sunday!

LifePoint West Prospectus
LifePoint West Prospectus

A Church Prospectus is a business plan for the new church. The document details the mission the church planter and his team plan to undertake. It features a timeline, fundraising, vision casting meetings, and more. Click the image to download the LifePoint West Prospectus. 

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