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A Letter From Pastor Josh

Church Family, 


This week has presented many different challenges for our church family and community. At the same time, it has presented many opportunities to live out our faith and fellowship with one another as we have carried each other’s burdens. We have been communicating regularly with people from our church and are blown away at the continued acts of sacrificial service demonstrated for one another. 


Important updates as we move forward: 


  1. Services will run as usual for Sunday. We have great need to gather to worship and praise God! 

  2. If you have need, fill out the form attached to the link below. Often times we miss the chance to serve because we aren’t aware of the need. Please let us know of any needs you have so we can at least commit your need to prayer and asses our ability to help. 

  3. If you want to serve our community please follow the link below to 4BDRN. They are working diligently to mobilize the churches in the area to serve those in need. 

  4. Please give generously. This week we are going to commit every dollar given that exceeds our weekly budgeted needs to serving those in need. Please give to the General Fund and we will reallocate according to needs starting with those in our church family and then gifting the rest to 4BDRN.  


I heard someone once say, “don’t waste a crisis.” We now have a great opportunity to step up and show the love of Jesus! I have been so amazed at the love and generosity of our church family. I believe we have honored the name of our savior in our response to this crisis. I am blessed beyond measure to be your pastor! 


Pastor Josh 

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